7-Day Keto Meal Plan And Guide

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Get started with a diet to help you lose weight, burn fat and improve your health called the keto diet.

I want to tell you about the keto or ketogenic diet which is a low-carb, high-fat meal plan that puts your body into ketosis.

It is one of the best and most effective weight-loss diets today.

Why? A ketogenic diet is great for weight loss because when your body is in ketosis it starts to use fat for energy.

Your insulin levels drop and fat burning increases greatly, which makes it easier to access your fat stores and burn them off!

The sudden lifestyle change and eating habits help you see results faster if you can commit fully to the keto diet.

People tend to lose a significant amount of their excess weight in the first week of a keto diet but you can expect to lose around 10 pounds.

It is worth noting that the body retains a lot of water because of excess consumption of carbohydrates.

Hence, the initial weight loss is usually because of the removal of excess water in the body.

Note that this can trigger symptoms that are similar to the flu which is known as ‘keto flu’.

Therefore, it is important to be hydrated throughout the phase of the diet.

Two weeks into the diet, there will be a steady, slower pace to losing weight.

This is also the time when your body becomes adapted to keto as it starts burning fat instead of carbs for energy.

If you are following a well-formulated keto diet plan, you are guaranteed to lose significant amounts of fat!

A ketogenic diet provides an opportunity for women to attain an hourglass figure.

The best way to achieve the long-term goal is to be consistent, disciplined and to follow the dietary guidelines.

It is up to you to be disciplined and consistent; this guide is mainly to provide you with all the information you need to help you reach your weight loss goals with the keto diet.

How Does Keto Work?

7-Day Keto Meal Plan And Guide

Keto works by consuming 5% of your calories from carbohydrates, 20% of your calories from protein and 75% of your calories from fats.

Ketosis is a natural state for the body. It happens when the body is almost completely fueled by fat.

This is normal when you are fasting or on a strict low-carb diet, also referred to as a keto diet.

The “keto” in the word ketosis comes from “ketones”, the name given to small fuel molecules in the body.

These ketones are produced when your food includes very few carbs (the main source of blood sugar) and moderate amounts of protein (too much protein is converted to blood sugar).

When you do this, the fat you consume is converted in the liver to ketones which then enter the bloodstream.

The ketones are then used as fuel by the cells in the body, just like glucose.

Even the brain uses them.

This is very important, as the brain (which is a very hungry organ) cannot be directly fueled by fat.

Your body is in ketosis when it produces enough ketones to measure significant levels in the blood (usually over 0.5 mM).

The fastest way to achieve ketosis is by fasting, but you can’t do that forever.

Ketosis gives your body and brain an almost unlimited supply of energy, increasing your mental and physical endurance.

It also reduces hunger, speeding up your weight loss.

Also, because getting into ketosis requires eating little carbs, it can help reverse type 2 diabetes.

It has also been used for a long time to control epilepsy – usually even without medications.

It is even showing great results in improving several other conditions such as acne, PCOS and even brain cancer.

7-Day Keto Diet Meal Plan

7-Day Keto Meal Plan And Guide
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If you want to start your weight loss journey by joining the keto gang, then you have to get familiar with what a keto diet plan looks like.

In this section, you will find a 7-day meal plan and delicious recipes.

Keto meals are as delicious as regular meals and they are easy to prepare.

Who says keto meals are boring?

With these fantastic recipes, you will have fun, eat delicious meals, all while achieving your weight loss goals!

Simply follow the breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for each day and add two of the snack recipes that you like the most.

Day 1

  • Breakfast – Mini Crust Less Quiches
  • Lunch – Ham & Cheddar Wraps
  • Dinner – Chicken Quesadilla

Day 2

  • Breakfast – Chocolate and Peanut Butter Muffins
  • Lunch – BLT (Bacon Lettuce & Tomato) Wrap with Avocado
  • Dinner – Shrimp & Mushroom with Cheat Noodles

Day 3

  • Breakfast – Pizza Omelet with pepperoni and mozzarella
  • Lunch – Chicken & Bacon Salad
  • Dinner – Spicy Lime Steak

Day 4

  • Breakfast – Breakfast Smoothie
  • Lunch – Tuna Avocado Salad
  • Dinner – Butter Burger

Day 5

  • Breakfast – Sausage and Egg with Cheese
  • Lunch – Chicken & Broccoli Casserole with Cheddar topping
  • Dinner – Fish Fillet with Avocado Sauce

Day 6

  • Breakfast – Fat Coffee
  • Lunch – Chicken and Cheat Noodle Soup
  • Dinner – Cheesy Pork Bake

Day 7

  • Breakfast – Keto Porridge
  • Lunch – Asian Beef and Coleslaw
  • Dinner – Deep Dish Pizza Quiche


  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Baked Parsnip Chips
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls
  • Kale Chips
  • Protein Shake
  • Salted Almond and Coconut Bark
  • Chocolate Cheesecake with Coconut

Ready To Start Your Keto Diet?

If you’re still unsure about how to eat, what to eat or what to avoid, don’t worry you’re not alone! There is a little-known diet system called The 28-Day Keto Challenge which will teach you everything you need to know and guide you through your first month. Getting that in check will increase your metabolism and allow you to shed weight and shed it fast.

Women who have followed the 28-Day Keto Challengereported losing up to 21 pounds and 2-4 inches from their waist in just a matter of 4 weeks—the methods in The 28-Day Keto Challenge are all backed by science.

Check out this video on The 28-Day Keto Challenge now to learn more about how to follow the diet—and lose weight and improve your life in 28 days.

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